Chef Special

Wholesome Grub’s in-house Monthly Chef Special is our opportunity to get creative as nutrition chefs, and to design culinary delights to be nutritionally dense and sustainable. We are always on the hunt for the most relevant nutritious ingredients, and current trends in health food development. We work with local farms, local food purveyors, local farmers markets, and other large food suppliers to achieve biodiversity. Our chef specials are intended to provide our guests with the highest quality of all natural organic goods, exquisitely simple tastes, and seasonal availability. Seasonality is a major part of our environment and surrounding ecology. Research would suggest that food consumed during there natural cycles of harvest, can have higher nutrition density values when consuming whole foods, and in many cases experience cost effectiveness, so its not so hard on your wallet. Our featured dish is only available through dine in and drive thru, and are limited to first come first serve. We as humans are intended to consume food resources that are in harmonious balance with the earths natural cycles to help us maintain our own internal balance. 


*At the end of each month, we will post a video describing how to build the dish yourself. Just sign up to receive our recipe videos and bonus content.