Become a provider

Wholesome Grub is dedicated to contributing towards our environments ecological health, we do this by supporting/purchasing products that help foster sustainable farming practices. As well as, supporting innovation that guides us towards collaborative supply-chain cohorts. Promoting food producer improvement projects can help us provide nutritionally dense ingredients, biodiverse, seasonal, and sustainable products to our guest all year around. Meanwhile, reducing our carbon foot print.

As technology changes the way we think about integrative science, our world will become increasingly more transparent on what we know to be true. Rather than being part of the overall problem, let’s be a contributor to the solution, by building the economic landscape ideal for a healthy culture. We highly encourage our community and business leaders to take action!



Ask yourself one question, am I green? We are looking for the new supply-chain and so is our customers!

1) Are you a local farm or famers market supplier? Maybe even a local garden, or local Permaculture initiative? We are looking for your goods!

2) Do you produce sustainable products? Non-consumables or consumables?

3) Do you have a product the whole world should be consuming?

4) Do you have a product rich in medicinal attributes? Maybe a new crop looking to gain attention?

5) If you are interested in getting your products in our hands. Please email