Join The Team


 We are looking for all “foodies” with a sensational taste for Nutrition enlightenment to join our culinary expert teams, as we start to cultivate a wellness culture. Whether you are interested in culinary arts, food ecology, service, entrepreneurship or just growing into a healthier you, we believe we have the ideal environment for your growth.


  • Leadership & Educating Our Audience
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Heathy Cooking Techniques
  • Food Therapy
  • Food Science
  • Food Management
  • Learn about merging nutrition technology
  • Customer Experience
  • Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Understanding Food Allergies & Food Sensitivities
  • Host Cooking Classes
  • Collaborate with Health Practitioners and other Wellness Professionals


  • Integrated Employee Corporate Wellness Program
  • Fast Track Promotion options
  • Competitive Wages
  • Month Bonus/tips
  • Sales Commission
  • Free Food
  • Premiere discounts
  • Become a Culinary Health Food expert
  • Learn a lifetime trade (applicable in many industries/life)
  • Professional Development (work with other multi-disciplinary Health and Wellness professionals to assist in specialized needs)
  • A chance to learn other languages in a multicultural workplace environment
  • Benefit Packages for Career oriented Personnel

Pick your Career Path

Full Time and part time options are available all year around, this includes seasonal workers.

  • Restaurant Employment –  (Front house, Back house, prep cook, line cook, chef, meal prep, management)
  • Corporate Careers – (Community liaison, Teams Leader, Management, Operations, Dietitians,  Marketing, Fund Raising, Finance, Talent & Acquisition, Business Development, Ownership)
  • Interns – (We are always looking for highly motivated high school, college students, and post graduate candidates that are looking to pursue a lifetime career path in health & wellness fields. Our internhip programs allow young adults to gain real world training in areas of their respective areas of study. Our workplace area is ideal for a hands on application, with real world needs integrated)
  • Veterans – (Green to Gold Program, is for our nations heroes that have first class training in competitive work places, leadership, and diversity in skill-set . So we have created a fast track 2 year program that will lead you into Owner Operator Status. Must have honorable DD214  )
  • Affiliate Sales Program – (this is for you folks who have highly adaptive skills in the fields of B2C sales and B2B sales.  Make a healthy income from working remotely, this commission based option allows for a lot of creativity)

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