DNA Test


What is personalized nutrition?

Personalized nutrition is exactly what your body needs.  Are you that surprised to hear that your insides are as unique as your outside?

A DNA test will allow your personal chef to cook your food to your personal DNA profile as well as your personal flavor profile!

Keep in mind – this DNA test is included in most Meal Plan subscriptions.


    The science of genetics is still early, but good news is new emerging research has allowed our lab partners to provide you DNA insight that may be helpful when you’re thinking about developing nutritional and lifestyle behaviors. You can start to think of these applied sciences as a “best practices approach” to wellness and personalized nutrition awareness.

    Working with DNA has traditionally been a costly, resource intensive, requiring specialized knowledge and complex logistics. Today Wholesome Grub integrative nutrition ecosystem removes all of these constraints for our guests. Our partner labs use state-of-the-art genetic testing procedures to analyze your genetic code from a salvia mouth swab. Three weeks later, our in-house chefs can use your report to understand your parameters of food design.  Understanding personal SNP genotyping, as it relates to nutrition, has been enlightening for holistic/ integrative/ functional/ medical practitioners around the world. This insight helps to understand and analyze your genetic code in order to determine how your genes will influence weight management, nutrient metabolism, sleep, adequate absorption, fitness performance and prevention against age-related diseases. All CLIA/CAP certified lab tests are processed in secure data centers, in which you have access to.

Upon receiving your DNA results, you may then request for your personal team of registered dietitian (RDN), practitioners (MD), personal chef to collaborate. This approach allows subject matter experts hyper-focus on your personal requirements. Hopefully removing a lot of the confusion guiding you to a healthier and happier you!