Wellness Coaching

Collaborative Nutrition Made Easy

Wholesome Grub is your neighborhood partner for collaborative nutrition. Our wellness coaching programs makes it easy for customers to work closely with local certified functional/integrative practitioners, supported by local registered dietitians and chefs. Through frequent monitoring of your biometrics and lifestyle coaching, your wellness team provides frequent adjustments, updates and offers personalized interventions to each member.  All aimed to increase your mental, physical, and metabolic health. The monthly cost includes- lifestyle coaching, toxins education, nutritional counseling, and understanding organizational wellness mechanisms. Perfect for optimizing your nutrition regimen and lifestyle goals. Additional services include Physical training, biometric feedback testing, nutraceuticals, and metabolic and hormonal optimization.

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Consulting Package

Per Person
$ 99 Monthly
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Individual Coaching

Per Person
$ 369 Monthly
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Group Coaching

Up to 45 People
$ 1396 Monthly
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