Virtual Group Coaching

$120.00 or $108.00 / week and a $25.00 sign-up fee

Do you thrive with other people with similar goals? You may be interested in weekly virtual education and coaching.



  • 30-40 min online class (2 per month)
  • Online meetings with other community group members
  • Open conversation about relevant health topics
  • Lifestyle and nutrition education
  • Behavior worksheets
  • Online text/ email support with licensed practitioners
  • Group discounts on nutrition and health events
  • Meal discount codes for meal purchases
  • Access to Hall Pass Partners
  • Discounts on biometrics testing

A health and diet coach is a professional who helps people achieve their health and wellness goals through online personalized coaching and guidance. They work with individuals to create customized plans that promote healthy habits, improve nutrition, and increase physical activity. Health and diet coaches can help clients manage chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and address emotional and mental barriers that may be hindering their progress. They provide ongoing support and accountability, helping clients stay motivated and committed to their goals. In addition to offering nutritional advice, health and diet coaches may also suggest exercise programs, stress-management techniques, and lifestyle modifications to help clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


Individual Coaching, Group Coaching


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