Women’s Wellness Package

$5,000.00 or $450.00 / month

Our Women’s Wellness Package is perfect for feminine empowerment.  Take control of your life with a personalized partnership of dedicated female practitioners and coaches aimed to optimize women’s health and well-being. This package is designed to empower women in all stages of life, to provide a deeper understanding of your body, and to support fundamental healing.

  • Monthly one-on-one consultations with a licensed wellness practitioner
  • Baseline biomarker test and 6 month re-test included
  • Innovative Vaginal Microbiome Test offered based on practitioner recommendation (additional cost may apply)
  • Access to additional personalized screening tools based on practitioner recommendations (additional cost may apply)
  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance
  • Meal discount code
  • Discount on supplements if needed
  • Personal Virtual Chef

What to expect?

It’s all about you, and our providers believe that!

Simple one-on-one monthly wellness coaching programs make it easy for customers to partner with our team of licensed functional/integrative professionals, supported by local registered dietitians and chefs.

Through frequent monitoring of your biometrics and incorporating a combination of research-based information and evidence-based nutrition counseling, your wellness teams will provide relevant adjustments and offer personalized guidance to optimize your wellness journey.

The monthly cost includes lifestyle coaching through personalized recommendations and ongoing support as you navigate your health journey.

Initial Appointment:

60 Minutes

During the first appointment, you and your Practitioner will explore your:

  • Past medical history
  • Eating habits
  • Diet history
  • Relationship with food
  • Barriers to meeting your nutrition-related goals
  • Discuss options for a collaborative nutrition-care plan

The first part of the session is devoted to collecting information on your past and getting to know you. While the following monthly session is focusing on personalized education to help you feel empowered, planning, and goal setting. You will walk away from the session with confidence and a clear plan of action to reach your goals!

Monthly Follow-Up Appointments:

30 Minutes

  • Your Practitioner will work with you to schedule monthly appointments
  • Recommended functional analysis testing and lab interpretation if needed
  • Glucose monitoring if needed
  • Lifestyle protocols
  • Nutrition plans
  • Personal goals (review and develop further)
  • Ongoing Performance Journey Options


*The coaching recommendations do not replace medical interventions and are not meant to diagnose or treat conditions.

Our goal is to empower you with the guidance and resources to be your own health advocate. We strive to be your trusted partner in restoring vibrant health as we support you on this rewarding journey to wellness!



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